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Dyestuffs are substances which are able to lend their color to another material, incorporating themselves into the material and settling there permanently.
Dyestuffs are widely used in tanning skins, in inks, paints and varnish, paper, and fuel, and in the textile and food industries.
Kemcolor’s business is directed primarily at the transformation and distribution of all categories of dyes (such as acid, metal 1:1 and 1:2 metal complexes, basic cationic, direct, reactive, dispersed, vat, leather, sulphuric, and optic) and of all types of material (such as cotton, wool, silk, man-made and synthetic fibers, leather, and paper), mainly in the textile, tanning, and paper industry sectors.


Chemical auxiliaries are used in the production phase as additives, in order to better the way the products work and to influence their final characteristics. They are manufactured by synthesis and blending procedures of various components, and they are widely used in the textile, paper, and tanning industries, as well as in the creation of plastic materials, such as lubricants, etc.
The experience and the know-how acquired by Kemcolor make it a business leader in the specific dyes and auxiliary-chemical products sector.
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