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kemcolor, a Problem Solving Leader serving national and international customers

A specific and compound company organization has made it possible to reach important goals, such as the following:
  • • providing industry with the best and most reasonably priced products, thanks to the experience of qualified technical-sales staff;
  • • providing its customers with extremely high quality global assistance with a test laboratory equipped with the latest and most efficient instruments (gas-chromatographs, atomic absorption, etc.) to establish environmental parameters demanded by strict national, EC and ÖKOTEX standards;
  • • supplying efficacious technical back-up to its customers, thanks to a fully equipped chemical-textile test laboratory;
  • • providing its customers with technical services, such as reproduction of shades, product comparison, in-depth studies into different fibres and materials, computerized dye recipes, etc., thanks to an academic and industry-trained technical staff;
  • • providing customers with all relevant commercial information with courtesy, readiness and commitment, through a carefully selected and highly qualified staff, where the human aspect plays a leading role, in compliance with the recommendations and philosophy of the Management;
  • • supplying its products rapidly, with constantly available stock.

All of this allows kemcolor’s organization to deal with the various different aspects of any technical-sales problems and to have a permanent and efficacious exchange of ideas with its customers and partners, hence providing a competent, reliable and constant service.

These aspects make kemcolor a problem solving leader at the service of both national and international customers.

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